It was so refreshing to see such alignment with what I am trying to project in my own life. Even similarities like Carl Jung and After Skool ^_^. I appreciate you so much for what you are doing. It will be remembered that you were on the right side of history.

I am astounded daily with the level of mass hysteria and brainwashing that goes on.

It does seem more and more reminiscent of the witch trials.

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Absolutely brilliant George . Thank you . I’m sharing this far and wide

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Thank you. That you relate to how many of us feel / think is in itself is reassuring that we are indeed normal.

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Thank You So Much...

As an Elderly Woman who has been Brutalised, Kidnapped for Ransom and Fined $1,550.00 .

I have NO Time for the Uniforms Still Enforcing these Fascist Statutes and Edicts.

As a Peaceful Human Being I have Watched Our World Taken Over by Greedy, Power Hungry, Treasonous Dictators.

This Good Woman has Integrity and Honour, Unlike the Foreign Owned Mercenaries now Enforcing Un-Lawful Edicts from the Grubby Ment!

We Know that Human Beings are Individuals, Aligned Good and Bad, but Defending these Armed, Out of Control Thugs is Unconscionable.

We Have NO LAW OR Justice Operating in Australia.

Talk is Talk and in the Meanwhile, People are being Hurt, Mentally, Physically and Financially.

I have Lost 3 People to Suicide in the last 2 years.

There is Little to NO Integrity left in the Corporation of Australian Police, Except for the Few Honourable Souls we have Evidence of.

ZERO Trust in Police, They Are Dangerous!

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Thanks George. Great informative email

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Remember that the majority can some times or often times be on the wrong side of history. As history attests it was the majority who supported the evil tyrannical mass murdering dictator Hitler so we know that it can happen & will likely happen again some time in the future. Keep up the great work George. God bless brother!

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Yes George. Thank you for speaking up for us m, the people. I’ll continue donating to your party.

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Pecker Maroo Pty Ltd:

Massive Australian Corporate Corruption Exposed

Australia's Version of 'BlackRock' OWNS 52 Companies

Including Government and Police


Births Deaths Marriages

Land Registry

Labour Party

Liberal Party

Registrar General

Stamp Duty

Government are Compromised Traitors AND LAW Is Now, NON Existent.

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The problem is, the inmates (i.e. the political elites) are now in charge of the asylum.

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Great info and very much appreciated. You just need to fix the source of the interview with Krystal Mitchell. It was actually Matt Wong from Discernable Interviews that interviewed Krystal on his news channel and the guys from Rebel News have just shared that interview.

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I response to "living in an insane world", first place for nutters goes to the ABC for todays story "women find men more attractive when they wear a face mask". Come on...propaganda at it's craziest!

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I see none of the following, having had a ghost of a chance of occurring to our beloved Australia, had we a true 'Leader' of vision at the Helm. Converting regular freedoms into criminal behaviour because of a virus that's killed less than the annual flu, takes some sort lunatic leadership, obviously unwilling to accept ultimate responsibility for the long list of wrong-headed, knee-jerk responses to this 'pandemic.' These results confirm Australia's acute lack of leadership...

"So conditioned by fear are Australians to accepting the notion that COVID-19 is equivalent to the plague, the majority have learned to love Big Brother and hate dissenters…

… our pursuit of the fool’s errand of COVID Zero has seen us level every liberty, destroy educations and livelihoods and shut ourselves off from the world."

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Ashamed so much ,as when I was touring around USA in Florida in 2008 while watching tv an announcer read out ,that Australia was the most evil nation in the world morally>

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Have you seen the videos produced by epidemiologists and other scientists slamming the false science peddled around covid. The virion has never been discovered, nor the genome. This knowledge has been available since the start, but this is a compelling set of videos that should end all discussion. Go to : paradigmshift.uscreen.io

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Thanks George for all you are doing. As Marissa's comment underneath my comment says, you are on the right side of history. We need people like you who have a platform to speak out for us. Much respect.

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Thanks George for everything that you are doing. We need more people like you in parliament.

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