The question is what's going to happen when more is revealed? Will people revolt and bring those responsible to account?

I doubt it. At least not in Australia, except for a select few.

Most Australians are bloody lazy.

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Hi George,

Love your work George, please continue.

I doubt very much if vax rates are 96% as you state below, more fake stats in my opinion, because I know personally and indirectly so many who refused from the start. My guess is a third of population never complied.

Your thoughts please

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This was a red flag for me……the fact that the number of deaths associated with this jab didn’t warrant it being taken off the market when previous shots were removed when there were less than 20 deaths!!! Those that lined up for the jab were all part of the largest pharmaceutical trial in history 🤬

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This is how they got their work published:

"After that [covid vaccine rollout], the number of hospitalizations dropped dramatically along with the number of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions and deaths, indicating that vaccines are very effective".

Yes, it's not good that they had 31 people showing autoimmune issues post-covid injections, whereupon 27 were new cases BUT the paper NEVER said how many people they tested to find these 31 people! How many were given injections, and how many ended up with autoimmune disease? There were about 62 million doses given out in Saudi Arabia. But this study had patients from merely ONE centre: "the eastern province of Saudi Arabia (King Fahd Hospital of University)". But how many people actually got jabbed to show 31 people with autoimmune concerns afterwards?

See, this is the problem with study. If you jabbed 5 million people and only got 27 completely new cases (31 cases in total) of autoimmune symptoms, it's hardly much to worry about. But if you'd jabbed 5000 people and got the same result, then it'd be REALLY worrying. Without knowing how many they tested to get these numbers, the paper is next to useless, unfortunately.

Because even if these covid jabs DO cause autoimmune problems - which they evidently do - if it's in 1/500,000 people, no-one is going to care (even if Pfizer said it didn't cause auto-immune problems. They said it stayed at the injection site, too, but that was also a lie, and I don't see any Pfizer directors being dragged off to prison or their vaccines being removed from the market!). But if it's 1/200 people, there might be some concern. Oh wait. No there won't be. (Subclinical) Myocarditis rates were around the 3.5% mark, weren't they? And no-one in power batted an eyelid :-(

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Vaccines have become suspect for strange and unusual ailments yet little is being done to forestall further advances on the public about a fifth dose becoming available. Following that will be recommendations of masks mandates lockdowns but hopefully the public may be more wary of such intentions and refuse these designs. These elites keep trying any method to enforce their notions on the world yet seem to be ignoring a tide of anti feeling arising from the dreaded masses where these vaccines are meant to strike hardest What proof if is there that leading elites have ever been vaccinated themselves The wheels are turning but slowly

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Most of my senior friends who are jabbed have had Covid several times & long Covid & that is the reason why they need to keep up their boosters on the advice of their doctors with the added seasonal flu shot added for good measure. I don’t get invited to luncheons any more because I am not jabbed & unmasked LOL! But I AM healthy!!

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Bill Gates quote is misleading.

Suggest reading this


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