I live remote. 95% of the population here are reliant on government benefit. It does not come close to covering costs of food as the prices here are astronomical eg; non premium scotch fillet $70kg. Hence most opt for the toxic food which they can just afford to buy. Jab rollout was off the charts and still encouraged also. Everyone who has passed away has been from stroke. People here just don’t understand what is going on so it’s an easy soft kill for the bastards.

Self sufficient communities are the only answer to the globalist evil doers.

Take out the 5g towers too. ASAP…..

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George,as a thinking man I was alerted in 1984 by a very good friend about the great reset and the " new world order" . He loaned me a cassette tape " old tech ".

He had the tape after attending a speech night with a prominent deep thinker talking about all this 39 years ago.

Now we see it all starting to appear particularly after Davos last year.

My God I wonder what sort of world my grandchildren will inherit.

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I found Deagel years ago and the prediction for Australia was 10 million people by 2025. USA was 99 million.

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This one has Australia as 15 million in 2025, with a 40% population decrease.

I do wonder how it's going to go, because it's slowly-slowly right now. If we keep up with this death rate, we're going to be nowhere near dropping to 15 million in 2-3 years' time. For Deagel's numbers to be right (from those military & intelligence reports), something nasty needs to ramp up big time....and soon.


I found it interesting that China is only meant to drop 2.3%....and India is meant to GROW. Lebanon is also meant to swell by 20% to 6.6M - and Palestine, a country of almost 5.5M, is not even mentioned. Brazil is also meant to drop only 0.5% - yet haven't they been having awful covid troubles?

I do wonder if this List might've been the initial idea...but then things went a bit awry with countries mandating jabs and going crazy, caught up in all the hype? So this list might not be anything like what goes on (way more - or less - could die?), but I guess if we live long enough, we shall see, eh?!

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May I suggest that the 1/7 Aussies suffering 'food insecurity' in the past 12 months might partly be because of shops limiting what people can buy, or not having things on the shelf (there have been way too many empty shelves sometimes, I've noticed, where the supermarket can't/doesn't get certain products in for weeks or months at a time), plus those 'runs' on stores for products like toilet paper, where the shelves can't be restocked in time compounded by delivery delays? All caused by this magical covid crap of course.

People who could access their super or savings in 2020/2021 did so, so they weren't starving en masse then, plus the govt gave out money to some people (covid stimulus packages etc) then. But all that has stopped now, so if you were one of the unlucky ones who had to close your business and now don't have a job, or you kept your work open but saw massive downturn in your business, or you've still got a job but the pay rate's effectively the same as it was 3 years ago, well, maybe you're being a lot more careful about the type of food you buy or eat now.

Also, the rise in food prices these past 12 months, has been enormous, and what might've been a 'limited stocks on shelves amid people not being able to work' scenario has now turned into an 'expensive food on shelves amid people in only P/T - or no - work' scenario. And with wages increases (ppffhh! What are they?!) not really happening, most people are going backwards.

I've noticed how much more I'm having to spend on food now. It's about 15% more than a year ago, far more than what the ABS says inflation has risen by for food.

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Head of the snake is the Klaus Schwab WEF. And associates Bill Gates, Falchi and all that are affiliated.

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That is out of date news they actually want to reduce world population to 500,000,000. It was only about 200,000,000 in roman times.

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